AMP Essentials: Part 3 – Relationship with other Men

What would your relationship with other men have to do with your life or your connection with women?

Only everything.

We are tribal animals. Your connection with men is indicative of your value to the tribe, your trustability, and ultimately your ability to survive and thrive.

Women seem to be able to feel this.

We see this over and over in guys that come through AMP workshops. As men cultivate strong community with other men, women are more and more drawn to them.

Ironically, these men decreasingly feel any need for approval from women, and deep connection with women becomes less the goal, and more a pleasant side-effect.

If you would like to take a deep dive, and discover more freedom in your relationship with women, your relationship with purpose, and you relationship with men, the AMP Intensive will make that happen for you.

The AMP Intensive

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3 Responses to “AMP Essentials: Part 3 – Relationship with other Men”

  1. Damn straight.

  2. I spent about 12 hours with one of my best mates the other day after this. He’d just gotten back from the U.S on tour (I live in Australia)

    It’s funny – even though we’re super straight with each other and super clear with each other about what we think – these questions still brought to light a couple things that we’d never said before.
    It wasn’t major stuff, but it was still ‘undiscusseds’.

    Australia is tough for men’s work. The MKP stuff here is (from what I’ve been involved with) a crappy mix of group therapy and half assed accountability. I get more out of crossfit than the igroups. And at crossfit I get told to step up. At the i-groups I get to listen to guys who are willing to complain for weeks but don’t seem willing to (ever) step up.

    I’m sure MKP isn’t like this everywhere – but so far that seems to be the only access to men’s work that I’ve had.

    I don’t have a problem crying – in fact I do every few weeks or so. For whatever reason it happens to be (good or bad). It seems MKP groups may be directed towards people who have been out of touch with any sort of grief for 20-30 years and are only just rediscovering it.

    I’m wanting more than that though.

    The best start I’ve had so far is the depth of relationship I have with one friend. Hopefully I find more, but this relationship is a gem for me.

    Thanks for posting guys

  3. P.S – It seems that there probably would be some ‘frameworks’/questions that could help already-deep relationships get deeper with a few tweaks. You guys got more there?

    I honestly feel like with my closest friend that there aren’t any ‘hold-backs’ as much as there are ‘things that haven’t been said or come up’. Things that haven’t seemed significant enough to discuss but might have some gold in there if they were mined.

    I’d love to hear a bit more if you guys have some ideas.

    Peace x

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